Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Morgogg & Ogos Vinyl Figures by Skinner

Morgogg the Whispering Prince Vinyl Figure by Skinner

After unveiling them at Designer Con 2014, Skinner is all set to release his very first self-produced sofubi vinyl figures on the blackest of Fridays!!! Meet Morgoog, the whispering prince, and Ogos, the eye of the world. For these figures Skinner tried to mix the right balance of ‘80s nostalgia, Kaiju giant monster cinema energy, as well as mythology and tripped out weirdness. The Blot would say he hit the nail on the head with these two behemoths.

Ogos the Eye of the World Vinyl Figure by Skinner

For their first colorway, Morgogg and Ogos will be available in unpainted “Gamma Ray” green soft Japanese vinyl. Each figure stands 13” tall, features 6 points of articulation and can be purchased at Skinner’s online store for $175 each or $300 for the pair this Friday, November 28th at noon PST.

Morgogg, the Whispering Prince, was born with an evil in him that would not stop growing! His tiny whispering face on the back of his skull will drive you mad. Within his cursed club lies the soul of his mother, who was trapped the day he was born. Their village had ostracized them to live in the mountains where they have only each other to keep company.

Ogos, the Eye of the World, was born to kill the bravest warriors that find their way to his island. All Cyclops weakest point is their eye. That is why the mad gods that birthed him have given his club many eyes to find their target. For even if the Cyclops may lose sight in his one angry eye, there are several more that may guide him through the power of his club! May you never wash ashore on the island of Cyclopes.
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