Thursday, January 29, 2015

“Detective Comics #776” Batman Screen Print by Brian Ewing

“Detective Comics #776” Batman Screen Print by Brian Ewing

It’s been a long time since there was a print released that the minute The Blot saw it I knew I had to have it! That happened yesterday when Brian Ewing released this killer Batman screen print “Detective Comics #776.” Fans of Ewing’s amazing concert posters and art prints might not know this talented designer is also a published comic book artist. Back in January 2003, DC Comics published Ewing’s first of three comic book covers for the company and boy was it a beauty! That first cover was for Detective Comics issue #776, which featured prominently the world’s greatest detective, Batman. Ewing has decided to revisit that original cover illustration of DC’s The Dark Knight, and reproduced it for this striking “Detective Comics #776” screen print.

DC Comics - Detective Comics #776 Cover Artwork by Brian Ewing

What I found really interesting about “Detective Comics #776”, is that Brian decided to redraw skull in Batman’s magnifying glass because it always bugged him. It’s crazy to think this image was originally created over 12 years ago, but man does it still look as fresh as ever. It’s cool to compare the two skulls and see how Ewing’s style has changed over the years.

“Detective Comics #776” by Brian Ewing is an 18”x24” signed and numbered Batman screen print. Limited to just 75 pieces, this wonderful print is currently available for purchase at the Brian Ewing online store for $50 each.
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