Friday, February 13, 2015

Paper + Plastick Valentine’s Day Hearts Resin Skull by DuBose Art

Paper + Plastick Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts Resin Skulls by DuBose Art

This Valentine’s Day Paper + Plastick Record and Supply Co. will be releasing these amazing full size Conversation Hearts Resin Skulls produced by DuBose Art! DuBose did an incredible job transforming Paper + Plastick’s killer skull logo into a 3D resin figure, and I’m constantly blown away by the colorways P+P has been releasing. Can’t you just taste the chalkiness by looking at this picture? These candy hearts are forever trapped in resin to remember (or forget) the love of your life. Limited to just 15 pieces, the Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts Resin Skull go on sale tomorrow, Saturday, February 14th, at the Paper + Plastick online store. And look for hard rubber “White Chocolate” and “Milk Chocolate” micro skulls in the P+P webstore as well!
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