Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sandwich City T-Shirt Series 2 by Deli Fresh Threads

Sandwich City T-Shirt Series 2 by Deli Fresh Threads - Italian Beef, Fluffah Nuttah & The Liberty Sandwich

Deli Fresh Threads continues its fantastic sports themed Sandwich City T-Shirt Series with three awesome new designs! The Sandwich City Series mashes-up a city’s signature sandwich with the iconic logo of a professional sports team from that same city. These designs are Deli Fresh Threads’ way of showing love to these wonderful sandwiches and the cities they call home. The “Italian Beef” combines the thinly sliced, slow-roasted beef sandwich with the NFL’s Chicago Bears logo, the “Fluffah Nuttah” is a mash-up of the mesmerizing peanut butter and marshmallow creame sandwich with the MLB’s Boston Red Sox logo, and the “Liberty Sandwich”, while not a sports themed design, pays tribute to the Fluffernutter with a retro design using the sandwiches’ original name, the Liberty Sandwich. Who knew the Fluffernutter was the official unofficial state sandwich of Massachusetts!?!

Deli Fresh Threads’ Sandwich City T-Shirt Series 2 features designs by David Babich (of David Babich Design) and Regan Smith Clarke, and is currently available for purchase through the Deli Fresh Threads online store for $25 each in sizes S-3XL.
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