Thursday, March 12, 2015

“Losing” Screen Print by Jermaine Rogers

“Losing” Screen Print by Jermaine Rogers

Jermaine Rogers’ newest screen print “Losing” is the second release in his ongoing Day Sketch Series. What The Blot loves about JR’s design for this poster is how simple it is and yet so deep all at the same time. “Losing” by Jermaine Rogers is a 24”x18” signed and numbered screen print. Limited to just 100 pieces, a small number of prints will be randomly remarqued and a select number will be defaced. How amazing is that? Collectors can purchase this specially priced print for just $30 at the Jermaine Rogers online store tomorrow, Friday, March 13th at around 3pm EDT.

Jermaine provided this story on his Facebook page as an explanation (really more of a background story) for the print: “I lost myself one time and it took years to find me again. As it turns out, I was using my life to make other peoples grand dreams come true, instead of my own. Those were weird days. Every so often, I would see an open window materialize in the distance. It would just hang there in mid-air, only to fade away after a little while. I wouldn't see it again for months, sometimes years. And then, with no warning, there it would be. It appeared at the strangest times and always, after a little while, it would fade away. I was somewhat afraid of it.

One particularly horrible evening, I saw the window appear. I had a strange mixture of sadness and curiosity brewing that night...and I decided to jump through the window. It was cramped, and there was some broken glass. I bled a little.

I crawled outside, hit the ground on my own 2 feet, and I ran and ran...until I couldn't run anymore. After a while, I turned around and looked back, but the window wasn't there anymore. What a close call! I might've lost myself for good.”
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