Sunday, March 8, 2015

Micfits Social Club Mickey Mouse T-Shirt by Chamuco’s Studios

Micfits Social Club Disney Mickey Mouse T-Shirt by Chamuco’s Studios

The Blot’s been a huge fan of the Micfits Social Club ever since I first found out about it a few years ago. Efra Sanchez of Chamuco’s Studios has been doing some amazing work mashing up old school Disney characters with old school punk designs. And even though The Blot’s not really a fan of punk music (I know, I know), I love the Micfits logo that combines the Misfits’ skeletal logo with Mickey Mouse. Now everyone’s favorite fiend is available printed in vibrant colors on a black t-shirt. Do not sleep on this awesome, limited edition Micfits tee.

The Micfits Social Club T-Shirt by Chamuco’s Studios is currently available in sizes M-XL at the Micfits online store for just $25. It’ll be your new favorite Disney t-shirt in no time!
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