Tuesday, April 7, 2015

10th Anniversary Blank 3” Dunny Vinyl Figures by Kidrobot

10th Anniversary Blank 3” Dunny Vinyl Figures by Kidrobot - Silver, Red & Black

After some unexpected delays due to issues at the port, Kidrobot’s awesome new blank 10th Anniversary 3” Dunnys are finally here! Better late than never, right!?! The Dunny platform, designed by artist Tristan Eaton, first debuted at Hong Kong Toycon 2004 in red, black and silver 3 inch versions. In a homage to that fateful moment in designer toy history, 10-ish years later Kidrobot presents an updated take that celebrates the Dunny form with super-minimal deco in those three OG colors (Black, Silver and Red). The Blot especially loves the running joke surrounding these figures that they’ve actually been released 10 years and 4 months after the Dunny first debuted at HK Toycon! It's amazing this is the first time ever KR has released a blank 3" Dunny (even if there are some words on the back of its head).

Each 10th Anniversary Blank 3” Dunny Vinyl Figure comes packaged in a box with an epic roll call of every artist who has ever designed a Dunny over the past ten years and four months. What an amazing way to honor all of the creators who have helped make the Dunny platform the most iconic figure in the world of designer art toys. All three colorways are available now at all Kidrobot retail locations, Kidrobot.com and specialty toy stores around the world for $14.99 each.  You can support The Blot Says by purchasing the Black and Silver Dunnys from Entertainment Earth here!
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