Monday, April 6, 2015

Ash vs Evil Dead Teaser Television Poster & Teaser Trailer

Ash vs Evil Dead One Sheet Teaser Television Poster

I don’t know how the current trend of bringing back old TV shows and franchises started, but The Blot loves it! Over the past two years alone we’ve seen iconic television shows such as Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, Dallas, Boy Meets World, The Comeback, 24, Heroes, Full House and Coach either been brought back or heard announcements that they will be back very, very soon. Somehow this amazing phenomenon has expanded to film franchises as well, when Starz announced a new television show based on the cult classic ‘90s horror franchise The Evil Dead will be coming this fall! Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 will be made up of ten 30 minute episodes, and The Blot cannot freaking wait.

What’s awesome about Ash vs Evil Dead is it is a direct continuation of the franchise’s original trilogy and will even star Bruce Campbell as Ash! With the Raimi brothers and Campbell involved you know it’ll be good. And we don’t need to fear Ash vs Evil Dead will be watered down either since it’ll be airing on the pay cable channel Starz. As you probably know, The Blot’s a diehard Bruce Campbell fan and Army of Darkness (the second Evil Dead sequel) is one of my all time favorite films. Just seeing this one sheet teaser television poster and trailer for the new series has me all kinds of excited! Personally I’m glad to see the Evil Dead remake take a backseat to the original much loved film trilogy.
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