Friday, April 24, 2015

Batman “In The Batmobile” Screen Print by Bruce Yan

Batman “In The Batmobile” Standard Edition Screen Print by Bruce Yan

At WonderCon 2015, Hero Complex Gallery released this awesome Batman screen print by Bruce Yan titled “In The Batmobile”! I love the retro feel to this design that was clearly inspired by the old school Batman and Super Friends cartoons from the 1970s. It’s even got a little of the awesome old school dot matrix effect going on that The Blot grew up with in comic books and newspaper comic strips back in the day. A design perfectly inspired by the art of Roy Lichtenstein!

Batman “In The Batmobile” Metallic Variant Screen Print by Bruce Yan

“In The Batmobile” by Bruce Yan is a 36”x24” Batman screen print. The Standard Edition has a limited edition run size of 60 pieces and retails for $40, while the Metallic Variant is limited to just 35 pieces and retails for $50. Both prints are currently available for purchase at the Hero Complex Gallery online store.
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