Sunday, April 12, 2015

Transformers “Double Agent” T-Shirt by The Loyal Subjects

Transformers “Double Agent” T-Shirt by The Loyal Subject

What's worse than a back stabbing, two timing snake? Not much. And that’s why this officially licensed Transformers “Double Agent” t-shirt by The Loyal Subjects is so freaking awesome! The design pays homage to the classic Transformers Generation 1 double agent, Autobot Punch, who posed as a Decepticon named Counterpunch to gain intel on the bad guys. I especially love the 3D effect this tee’s design gives off, that features the purple Decepticon logo interlaid with the red Autobots logo.

The Transformers “Double Agent” T-Shirt is currently available in sizes S-2XL at The Loyal Subject online store for $25.
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