Thursday, May 7, 2015

Clear & Black Editions Micro Mad*l Resin Figures by MAD

Crystal Clear Edition Micro Madl Resin Figure by MAD

MAD has officially launched a new line of Micro Mad*l resin figures cast from an all new mold and packaged in some super slick packaging. To kick off this exciting new line, MAD has released two beautiful colorways in the last few weeks, Crystal Clear and Midnight Black. Each figure stands 35mm tall, is hand polished to create the best finish possible and comes packaged in a signed and numbered custom metal canister with die-cut foam for protection.

Black Edition Micro Madl Resin Figure by MAD

The Clear Edition and Black Edition Micro Mad*l resin figures are both limited to just 20 pieces, and were sold exclusively at the Mad Toy Store online store for $25 each. Unfortunately, both colorways sold out almost immediately upon release. Here’s hoping we see a new release next week!
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