Tuesday, May 5, 2015

First Look: The Mariposa DragonFly Resin Figurine by Argonaut Resins

First Look: The Mariposa Butterfly Chase DragonFly Resin Figurine by Argonaut Resins

If like The Blot you’re loving Argonaut Resins’ newest figure, the Mariposa Butterfly (seen here), you’ll really love the series’ chase figure, the DragonFly! This chase figure has a different set of removable wings than the Mariposa Butterfly and features a removable horn. This bad ass DragonFly will come in a variety of glow in the dark colors and styles, including all kinds of glitter. What’s great about the Mariposa series is you can mix and match wings from both the Butterfly and DragonFly releases for true collector customization. Look for release details for The Mariposa Butterfly Series 1 to be announced very, very soon!
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