Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mad*l Characters Print Series Batch 1 by MAD

Mad*l Characters Print Series Batch 1 by MAD

For the past few weeks MAD has been working on a whopping 100 doodles of pop culture inspired Mad*l characters. Now MAD is taking those sketches and turning them into this massive Mad*l Characters Print Series! The series is based on the many influences MAD grew up with, including comic books, anime, toys and cartoons. It’s basically a who’s who of MAD’s favorite heroes and villains from movies, television and comic books. While the project started as a creative exercise to apply some of those different licenses to the Mad*l platform, it quickly grew into over 100 different designs!

Madl Characters Print Series Batch 1 by MAD - Spider-Man, Skeletor, Soundwave & Astro Boy

The Mad*l Characters Print Series includes 100 6”x6” Giclee prints, limited to 25 of each design. This awesome series will be sold in weekly batches of 4-6 different designs, with each limited edition print sold separately for $20 each. Batch 1 is available now and includes Marvel’s Spider-Man, Masters of the Universe’s Skeletor, Transformers’ Soundwave and Astro Boy. Buy one, or all four, now at the MAD’s online store.

Mad'l Characters Print Series Subscription by MAD

For the diehard fans that want to collect them all, MAD is also offering five Mad*l Characters Print Series subscriptions that guarantees you all 100 prints (with matching edition numbers 1-5), 10 original sketches from the beginning stages of the project and free stickers all for $1,500. These limited subscriptions are currently available as well at MAD’s online store.
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