Thursday, May 7, 2015

Marvel x ThreeA Ultron 1/6 Scale Action Figures

ThreeA x Marvel Ultron 16 Scale Action Figures - Classic Edition & Stealth Edition

The third figure in ThreeA’s epic line of Marvel 1/6 action figures has been announced, and it is the evil Ultron, the star of this summer’s biggest blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron! The Avengers’ archenemy became available for pre-order today online, and these figure look fantastic. The Blot loves Ashley Wood’s take on the iconic Marvel villain, which includes plated armor and illuminated details. ThreeA has released three unique Ultron colorways: the metallic silver Classic Edition, the all black Stealth Edition, and the Bambaland exclusive all white Ghost Edition.

ThreeA x Marvel Ultron 16 Scale Action Figures - Ghost Edition

ThreeA x Marvel Ultron 1/6 Scale Action Figure stands 13” tall, is fully poseable, including articulated fingers, and LED illuminated eyes, mouth, chest and back thrusters. All three colorways are currently available for pre-order at the Bambaland online store for $220 (including shipping). While the Ghost Edition is exclusive to Bambaland, the other two colorways are available for pre-order now at Entertainment Earth for $219.99 each here. However, if you purchase these figures at Bambaland, you can select Bambaland exclusive red LED versions of all three editions - that's six different variations of this Ultron figure in all!. These figure are scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of 2015.
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