Friday, July 31, 2015

“Astro Hero” Custom 5” MAD*L by MAD

“Astro Hero” Custom 5” MADL by MAD

MAD dropped his second surprise custom MAD*L in his online store this week, and it was this epic “Astro Hero” design!!! The Blot is seriously loving this mash-up of MAD’s signature creation, the Modern Hero, with Astro Boy. As MAD explained, “I do a lot of sketching in my book, and recently started taking some of those images and applying them to the MADL platform. I'm keeping them as simple black and white pieces, but trying to have fun adding lots of detail. As I complete them I'll be putting them up for grabs on the store.” The only question The Blot has is when will the next surprise custom Mad*l drop!?!

The “Astro Hero” MAD*L stands 5 inches tall and is a one of a kind hand painted custom vinyl figure. Packaged in a plastic bag with outer box packaging, both the figure and box come signed by MAD. This specific piece retailed for $150 at the MAD Toy Store, but is sadly now sold out.
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