Friday, July 24, 2015

Supergirl Teaser Television Poster

Supergirl Teaser One Sheet Television Poster

After viewing two teaser trailers and multiple still pictures of Melissa Benoist in her Supergirl costume I really, really want to like CBS’ upcoming live action DC Comics television show Supergirl. But I just can’t... No matter how hard I try, I can’t get over Benoist’s casting. Every time I look at her all I see is Glee’s Marley Rose, the show’s most annoying character ever (and that’s really saying something). I know Kara Zor-El is nothing like Marley, but I just can’t get that thought out of my head. The trailers were enjoyable to watch though. Then again this first teaser television poster is pretty terrible. Who OK’ed this!?! Someone needs to work on their photoshopping skills ASAP.

Supergirl will air on Monday nights this fall on CBS.
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