Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Alien Titans Xenomorph “Big Chap” 4.5” Vinyl Figure

Alien Titans Xenomorph “Big Chap” 4.5” Vinyl Figure by Titan Merchandise x Matt JOnes

Fans of the Alien franchise love their Xenomorph “Big Chap” toys BIG, and Titan Merchandise knows this. Which is why they are set to release a super-sized 4.5” Alien Titans Xenomorph “Big Chap” vinyl figure! Based on the iconic 1979 science fiction masterpiece Alien, the Xenomorph responsible for terrorizing the crew of the Nostromo has been stylized in Titan format by artist Matt Jones (aka Lunartik). Boy does this figure look fantastic! While it is not scheduled to hit store shelves until January 2016, you can pre-order a 4.5” Alien Titans Big Chap now at Entertainment Earth for $14.99 here.
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