Friday, August 21, 2015

Teen Wolf “T.W.” Resin Figure by WheresChappell

Teen Wolf T.W. Resin Figure by WheresChappell

After the HUGE success of WheresChappell’s McFly 85s Back to the Future II resin figure, the UK artist has expanded his epic line of Michael J. Fox inspired figures with “T.W.”!!! Based on the iconic 1985 film Teen Wolf, “T.W.” is WheresChappell’s version of Scott Howard in his classic Beavers basketball uniform rocking ADIDAS sneakers and holding a basketball. Does this new figure look spot on or what!?! It’s hard to believe this year marks the 30th anniversary of the film’s original theatrical release.

Each “T.W.” stands approximately 7.5” tall and retails for just £15.99 at the Cracked Hatchet online store. There’s also an unpainted version available where the figure’s face and ears are not painted skin color, which is also available for £13.99.
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