Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NYCC 15 Debut Piragua Resin Figure by Argonaut Resins

New York Comic Con 2015 Debut Piragua Resin Figure by Argonaut Resins

END of Argonaut Resins will be heading to New York Comic Con again this year, and he’s bringing with him an exciting new release! Meet Piragua, a Puerto Rican shaved ice treat come to life as an adorable resin figure. Growing up in Spanish Harlem (El Barrio - uptown on the East side of Manhattan) on those hot summers one of END’s favorite things was getting a Piragua, which were like Spanish Icees sold off a makeshift mom and pop cart with a huge block of ice and all sorts of awesome syrupy sweet flavors. Now you can relive that sugary delicious every day by adding a Piragua to your collection!

The Piragua resin figure stands 5” talk and will come in all sorts of crazy fun colors (with the occasional chase figure thrown in) to recreate the flavors of END’s youth, like cherry, grape, lime, strawberry and orange. To get your hands on the very first Piragua figures every released, head over to Argonaut Resins’ NYCC booth #402 in The Block.
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