Friday, October 16, 2015

Meet UME Toys' newest creation, CHIP the UME GeekBot Resin Figure!

CHIP the UME GeekBot Resin Figure by UME Toys

Meet the only droid you'll be looking for, CHIP the GeekBot! An original UME Toys character that stands a proud 3” small. His head is articulated to his body with a peg so he can be posed on your toy shelf. The original colorway of this adorable new resin figure is burnt yellow, featuring a rusted finish complete with burnt out air grill to the back of his head. Cast in resin and handmade by UME Toys, this edition will be limited to just 20 pieces worldwide, comes signed and numbered, and shipped in a custom header carded bag.

CHIP the UME GeekBot will blast off at 9pm London time today, Friday, October 16th, at the UME Toys online store for £35.
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