Friday, October 30, 2015

PIDA & OLGOS Wood Figures by Pepe Hiller

PIDA Wood Figure by Pepe Hiller

It’s the end of the month, which means new wooden toys from Pepe Hiller! For October, Pepe has two awesome new releases dropping at his online store. First up is PIDA, a one of a kind 4.5” wood figure carved out of a piece of sapele wood. PIDA is a curly little lady that lives in the botanical garden where she keeps an eye to the frogs. She learned from them to jump from water lily leaf to another and her guilty pleasure is to eat duckweed sprouts. This figure has a high gloss coat, comes signed and numbered by the artist (embossed) and will retail for $140.

OLGOS Wood Figure Set by Pepe Hiller

Pepe’s second release is OLGOS, a pair of wooden figures that stand 2” and 3” tall. OLGOS are sturdy little chaps that travel huge distances over snowy mountains and endless tundra to find a nice little spot where they can rest and eat fresh grass. The OLGOS are handcrafted out of swiss spruce and feature a high gloss finish. Limited to just 12 pairs, each piece comes signed and numbered by the artist (embossed) and retails for $80.
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