Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Beatles “Pepperland” Screen Print by Marq Spusta

The Beatles “Pepperland” Standard Edition Screen Print by Marq Spusta

Dark Hall Mansion continues its line of officially licensed The Beatles limited edition prints with “Pepperland” by contemporary artist Marq Spusta! Inspired by The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine animated film, “Pepperland” is beautifully detailed with beloved characters, elements and moments from the movie. Marq's lovely composition elegantly brings forth the surreal to reflect on our very real world. What's really interesting about this release is that it's Marq's largest piece ever!

The Beatles “Pepperland” Variant Screen Print by Marq Spusta

“Pepperland” by Marq Spusta is a 36”x24” numbered and signed 10 color Beatles screen print. The Standard Edition is limited to 455 pieces and retails for $90, while the Variant is limited to just 150 pieces and will retail for $125. DHM is also releasing a Foil Edition nine color screen print that’s super limited to 30 pieces and will retail for $195. All three editions go on sale at 9:30am PDT today, Tuesday, October 27th, at the Dark Hall Mansion online store.
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