Saturday, November 7, 2015

Comikaze Exclusive U.S.Agent Pop! Marvel Vinyl Figure by Funko

Comikaze 2015 Exclusive US Agent Pop! Marvel Vinyl Figure by Funko

Last weekend at Comikaze 2015, Funko released a killer new Captain America Pop! Marvel variant! When the mantel of Captain America was taken away from Steve Rogers, he dawned a similar black, white and red costume and named himself The Captain! When he gained the Captain America costume, he gave his black and white duds to the person who replaced him as Captain America, John Walker. Walker then became the U.S.Agent. The Blot’s always loved this costume, and I’m so pleased to see it released in Pop! form.

The Comikaze 2015 Exclusive U.S. Agent Pop! Marvel vinyl figure is called an exclusive, but it is currently available at Hot Topic retail locations everywhere. It may be a con exclusive, but I don’t think it’s very limited. Each figure stands 3.75” tall, comes packaged in a full color window box and can be purchased at Hot Topic for $15.
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