Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Johnny Cupcakes Movie T-Shirts – Alien & Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Alien “Cake Burster” & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory “Cupcake Factory” T-Shirts by Johnny Cupcakes

On Black Friday 2015, Johnny Cupcakes released a delicious batch of new pop culture inspired t-shirts that included two awesome movie tees! First up is the Alien inspired “Cake Burster”, which just proves even creepy space aliens can’t resist the taste of Johnny Cupcakes! Then there’s the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired “Cupcake Factory”, which will make anyone wearing it feel as if they’d just found the golden ticket.

Both of these Johnny Cupcakes movie inspired t-shirts are currently available in guys and girls styles (sizes S-XXXL) at the Johnny Cupcakes online store for $29.99 each.
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