Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Toxic 3 Edition Pink GID Resin Mini Mad'l by MAD

Toxic 3 Edition Pink Glow in the Dark Mini Mad'l 3 Inch Resin Figure by MAD

These random surprise resin Mad’l releases by MAD kill me! Mainly because The Blot always misses out, but also because they so rarely happen anymore! MAD recently dropped this killer semitransparent pink glow in the dark Toxic 3 Edition Mini Mad’l in his online store for $50. This is the 14th edition of MAD’s 3” resin Mini Mad’l and is limited to just 20 pieces. What’s awesome about this particular colorway is that it glows white in the dark! Each figure comes packaged in a custom gift box, which includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. Sadly, this PGID figure is now sold out.
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