Friday, December 4, 2015

WWE Sting & Ultimate Warrior Sofubi Vinyl Figures by Medicom

WWE Sting & The Ultimate Warrior Sofubi Vinyl Figures by Medicom

Medicom has unveiled its fifth wave of WWE Sofubi Fighting Series vinyl figures and it includes two iconic wrestlers from the ‘90s and ‘00s, The Ultimate Warrior and Sting! It’s interesting that Medicom has chosen to release these two figures together, since (and here’s a little known fact) these legendary professional wrestlers actually started their careers together as a tag team named The Blade Runners! Flash forward 30 years later and both men are now beloved WWE Hall of Famers (well, Sting will be as early as next Wrestlemania).

This is actually the second Warrior colorway released by Medicom, and in The Blot’s opinion this version blows the OG release out of the water! I love all the extra details they included in his body sculpt (look at those legs) and paint job. Now here’s hoping they release a Crow style “Vigilante” Sting sofubi figure as well! Each figure stands approximately 9.5” tall, is cast in soft Japanese vinyl with 3 points of articulation, and is sold individually for around $125.
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