Wednesday, December 2, 2015

ZARO & Woodhearts Wood Figures by Pepe Hiller

ZARO Wood Sprites Wood Figures by Pepe Hiller

Earlier this week Pepe Hiller released two awesome new wooden figures at his online store that The Blot knows you’ll want to check out! First up are the adorable ZARO wood sprites that just love to hug everyone that passes by. The larger ones are 4.5” tall and the little ones are 3”, and they feature solid brass arms and come in three different kind of solid wood: Alder (light brownish), Sapele (reddish brown) and Smoked Oak (dark brownish). These figures are stackable, so if you get a pair they will have even more fun on your shelf! For each colorway Pepe has crafted three 4.5” and three 3” figures for 18 pieces in all. Each figure comes signed, numbered, and oiled and waxed with a beeswax finish.

Woodhearts Wooden Magnets by Pepe Hiller

Pepe’s second release are these super cute Woodhearts 1” wooden magnets! These killer handcrafted fridge magnets are iron-branded and have a strong magnet inlayed on their backside that will hold your notes tight. Sold in sets of two, each pair contains one maple wood magnet and one sapele wood magnet with a high gloss finish. Limited to just 25 sets, these will make perfect gifts this holiday season!
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