Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Alien 100% & 400% Be@rbricks by Medicom

Alien 100% & 400% Be@rbrick Vinyl Figures by Medicom

Medicom has unveiled an epic new line of officially licensed Alien toys inspired by Ridley Scott’s iconic 1979 science-fiction horror film! The Blot’s favorite part of this new collection are these killer Alien 100% and 400% Be@rbricks. The Alien 100% Be@rbrick seen above stands 3” tall and is part of Medicom’s recently released Be@rbrick Blind Box Series 31.

Warrior Alien 400% Be@rbrick Vinyl Figure by Medicom

Medicom is also releasing two Alien 400% Be@rbricks – a standard Alien and a super deadly Warrior Alien! Both figures stand approximately 11” tall and will be sold separately in April 2016 for around $75-125 each.
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