Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ant-Man Is Getting Super Sized With Funko's Captain America: Civil War Giant-Man Dorbz XL 6” Vinyl Figure

Captain America: Civil War Giant Man Dorbz XL 6” Vinyl Figure by Funko

One Captain America: Civil War toy that hasn’t gotten any publicity at all is this epic Giant-Man Dorbz XL 6” vinyl figure by Funko! I assume that’s because it’s a walking, talking spoiler!!! I think it’s safe to assume that Marvel’s Ant-Man (aka Scott Lang) is going large…er giant… in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War as he fights on the side of Captain America and the Winter Soldier against Iron Man in one of Hank Pym’s other comic book aliases.

Each Captain America: Civil War Giant-Man Dorbz XL Vinyl Figure stands 6” tall and comes packaged in a full color, double-sided window box for easy display. Expect this super-sized Ant-Man figure to be released in April 2016 and retail for around $27.99 each.
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