Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Unpainted Stegoforest Vinyl Figures by Ghost&Flower

Unpainted “Baby Blue” Stegoforest Vinyl Figure by Ghost&Flower

After a year of waiting, Ghost&Flower has finally received a new batch of his popular Stegoforest soft Japanese vinyl figure!!! There are a super limited number of “Baby Blue” and “Milk Chocolate Brown” unpainted Stegoforest figures available now at While Ghost&Flower is working on a painted run for both colors that should be ready in a few weeks, because of factory issues these release may also mark the very last Stegoforest drop ever. Here’s hoping that’s not the case, because The Blot needs more Stegoforest sofubi in my life.

Unpainted “Milk Chocolate Brown” Stegoforest Vinyl Figure by Ghost&Flower

Each blank Stegoforest vinyl figure is 7” long and 4” tall, features two points of articulation (head and front left foot), and includes a 2” long Acorn Warrior sidekick. Collectors can purchase one from the Stegoforest online store now for just $50.
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