Monday, May 2, 2016

Military MAD*L Custom Vinyl Figure by DrilOne

Custom Military MAD*L 6” Vinyl Figure by DrilOne

Check out this seriously amazing custom Military MAD*L vinyl figure DrilOne just dropped in his online store! The Blot is constantly blown away by Dril’s custom pieces, and this 6” MAD*L is a perfect example of why. I don’t know how Dril can transform a vinyl figure into looking like a rusted, worn and weathered metal military vehicle, but he does it every time! And just look at all the insane sculpting Dril added to this piece. Many try to duplicate Dril’s signature style of painting and sculpting, but he’s truly made this military look all his own.

This Military MAD*L custom vinyl figure is currently available online in the DrilOne online store for $300.
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