Monday, May 16, 2016

The Final (Maybe) Painted Stegoforest Vinyl Figures by Jesse Narens

The Final (Maybe) Painted Baby Blue Stegoforest Vinyl Figure by Jesse Narens

After some issues with the factory Jesse Narens (aka Ghost&Flower) used to produce his Stegoforest vinyl figure, he asked to have the molds transported to a new location. But as of March, the molds are sadly missing. So there is a possibility that these are the very last Stegoforest sofubi figures to ever be released. What a bummer! If you’ve never wanted to add this awesome figure to your collection, this may be your last chance. So don’t sleep on this release!

The Final (Maybe) Painted Brown Stegoforest Vinyl Figure by Jesse Narens

The Final (Maybe) Painted Stegoforest vinyl figure is 7” long and 4” tall, features two points of articulation (head and front left foot), and includes a 2” long Acorn Warrior sidekick. Cast in either brown or baby blue soft Japanese vinyl and featuring a number of sprays, collectors can purchase either colorway of this dinosaur of nature now at the Stegoforest online store for $60 each.
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