Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Night King Vinyl Figure by Brandt Peters x Cardboard Spaceship

The Night King Candy Corn Edition & Half-Dead Edition Vinyl Figures by Brandt Peters x Cardboard Spaceship

From the world of Stingy Jack comes a brand new figure by toy designer Brandt Peters, The Night King! Produced by Cardboard Spaceship, The Night King appears out of the shadows in two mischievous colorways: Candy Corn orange (limited to 265 pieces) and Half-Dead blue (limited to 310 pieces). This awesome new vinyl figure stands 8” tall, features articulated ball-joint bat wings and includes a top hat accessory.

The Night King made his world debut last weekend at the Stranger Factory 5 Year Anniversary Show, and is now available at the Circus Posterus online store for just $58 each. Even better still, if you purchase The Night King through Circus Posterus or Stranger Factory the figure’s box will come signed by Brandt.
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