Thursday, June 16, 2016

Junk Fed’s Heroes Convention 2016 Resin Figure Exclusives!

Heroes Convention 2016 Exclusive Reading Rainborg Star Trek: The Next Generation Resin Figure by Junk Fed

Junk Fed will be heading to Heroes Con this weekend in Charlotte, where he will be setting up shop with the madly talented Battle Babies at booth #420. They’ll have some fantastic new kitbashed bootleg exclusives, as well as a few long sold out favorites. First up is the newest piece in Junk Fed’s on going Star Trek inspired Space Madness line, Reading Rainborg! This epic figure is a LeVar Burton inspired figure that combines his classic kids television show Reading Rainbow, the evil Borg and Burton’s Star Trek: The Next Generation character Geordi Laforge.

Heroes Convention 2016 Exclusive Star Wars Wicked W. Warlock by Junk Fed x Battle Babies

Heroes Convention will also mark the debut of the newest figure in Junk Fed and Battle Babies’ popular Woklords and Warwoks Series. Check out the deadly and diminutive Wicked W. Warlock. Like Conak the Skullstroyer before him, Wicked W. Warlock features original card art by grand goresmith Scarecrowoven.
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