Monday, July 18, 2016

SDCC 16 Exclusive Inside Out 7” Records & Prints by Mondo x Phantom City Creative

Disney fanatics will really love this news! Mondo is set to release a series of Inside Out 7” records and a series of Inside Out screen prints, both featuring the artwork of Phantom City Creative. These Inside Out vinyl records will contain segments of Michael Giacchino’s amazing score, with each record having the main theme (“Bundle of Joy”) and an additional track from the Disney•Pixar animated film’s soundtrack.

What’s really awesome about the PCC’s designs is that each album cover/print pays homage to a classic album cover, like Isaac Hayes’ Joy, Hole’s Live Through This, Joni Mitchell’s Blue and the Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream. Each album cover has a matching record inside pressed on translucent vinyl that matches the color of the character on the cover. These singles are limited from 500 pieces to 2,500 and retail for $15 each.

Mondo is also teaming up with Cyclops Print Works to release five matching 18”x24” screen prints of the album covers (sorry Riley, but no print for you!). Each print will be limited to 420 pieces with 200 for sale on Wednesday, July 20th, at the Mondo SDCC booth for $50, with the remaining prints released by Cyclops Print Works at a later date.

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