Friday, February 17, 2017

Puddle Dunny Spectrum Series by Josh Mayhem

Spectrum Series Puddle Dunny Resin Figures by Josh Mayhem

Check out Josh Mayhem’s Puddle Dunny Spectrum Series, which features 20 unique 1-off resin figures in all of the rainbow’s many colors and beyond. Painted in high quality automotive paint, these “Spectrum” Series Puddle Dunny resin figures feature a variety of unique special effects such as color change, prism reflection, ultra fine glitter, chrome, and transparency! Each Spectrum Series Puddle Dunny resin figure will be numbered 1/1 and comes signed by Josh. Collectors can pick one up now at the Josh Mayhem online store for $200 each.

Spectrum Series Puddle Dunny Resin Figures by Josh Mayhem - Candy Apple

The Puddle Dunny Spectrum Series includes the following variants: Bubblegum, Candy Apple, Rust, Butter, Chameleon, Ooze, Soylent Green, Cobalt, Midnite, Sapphire, Indigo Night, Plum Drop, Oil Slick, Charcoal, Titanium, Black Chrome, T-1000, Marshmallow, Galaxy, and Raindrop.
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