Monday, February 20, 2017

ToyFair 1st Look: Jack Kirby’s Lord of Light ReAction Retro Action Figure by Super7

New York ToyFair 2017 First Look - Jack Kirby’s Lord of Light ReAction Retro Action Figure by Super7

Ever since Super7 took back sole control of the ReAction retro action figure toy line they’ve been announcing more and more epic licenses for it! At New York ToyFair 2017, Super7 has on display prototypes of upcoming ReAction figures for properties such as Robotech, Super Shougun,, The Toxic Avenger and Planet of the Apes. There were also prototypes for new figures for their Aliens and Masters of the Universe. But the S7 ToyFair announcement The Blot is the most excited about is the upcoming Lord of Light ReAction figure!

The Lord of Light ReAction retro action figure is based on the artwork of Jack Kirby, which was created for a failed attempt to produce a Lord of Light feature film. That artwork was later used by the CIA for Operation: Argo, which helped free American embassy workers during the Iranian coup in 1979. What an amazing backstory!?! The upcoming Lord of Light ReAction figure appears to come packaged on a blister card with original Jack Kirby artwork and will be available in Super 2017. Definitely a must get for all the Kirby fans out there!
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