Thursday, March 2, 2017

Aliens Mondo Tee-kis Ceramic Tiki Mugs

Aliens Xenomorph Mondo Tee-kis Ceramic Tiki Mugs

Earlier this week Mondo released the second piece in its killer line of pop culture ceramic tiki mugs, this time inspired by the James Cameron classic sci-fi/horror film, Aliens. The Xenomorph Tee-Kis mug is hand-glazed, holds 16 fluid ounces, and comes ready to nest on your shelf. In space, no one can hear you scream...but they can watch you drink!

Aliens Xenomorph Mondo Tee-kis Ceramic Tiki Mugs - Hive Variant Colorway

The Aliens Mondo Tee-kis tiki mug comes in five different glazeways, two of which are available for pre-order now at the Mondo online store. There’s the open edition Blue colorway ($28), the timed edition Hive variant ($32) featuring a matte black finish, silver teeth and nails, and green interior, the Mondo Exclusive Acid Blood variant ($42, LE 200) featuring a dark green finish, the Alamo Drafthouse Exclusive Brown colorway, and the Xeno Bone version (which will be an event exclusive available at a later date).

Aliens Xenomorph Mondo Tee-kis Ceramic Tiki Mugs - Open Edition Blue Colorway

Each Aliens Xenomorph Mondo Tee-kis tiki mug stands 8” tall, weighs approximately 1lbs, and is made of ceramic.
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