Thursday, March 23, 2017

Condiment Junkie Resin Sculpture Series by Sket One

Condiment Junkie Sketchup, Sketracha & Sketella Resin Sculptures by Sket One

Sket One is expanding his awesome new line of Junkie Resin Sculptures with a run featuring his super popular condiment designs! Now you can get your favorite bottles of ketchup, Sriracha and Nutella transformed into “Junkie” syringes. Each Sketchup, Sketracha and Sketella Junkie art collectible sculpture measures 12”w x 6.5”h, and includes a matching color drip puddle (signed on the bottom by Sket) and a clear stand for displaying your Junkie.

All three Condiment Junkie syringes, Sketchup, Sketracha and Sketella, are available now at the Sket One online store for just $150 each.
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