Thursday, September 21, 2017

Society Movie Poster Screen Print by Matt Ryan Tobin x Mad Duck Posters

Society Movie Poster Screen Print by Matt Ryan Tobin x Mad Duck Posters - Beach & Party Editions

Mad Duck Posters has released a killer new, officially licensed movie poster screen print for the 1989 cult classic film, Society, with art by Matt Ryan Tobin! As director Brian Yuzna described the film, Society is about “fear and paranoia in Beverly Hills.” Matt Ryan Tobin explained that “Society is a completely original, tongue in cheek, thought-provoking 80's gem...and its absolutely bat shit crazy. So when Mad Duck reached out to me to do a poster for it, I said yes without hesitation. Upon more research into the film I learned that director Brian Yuzna was heavily inspired by the work of Dali. As soon as I learned this, Dali's “In Voluptas Mors” came to mind...and fully inspired this 80's redux/homage to his incredibly legendary and iconic work.”

MRT went on to say “I wanted to capture the era of the 1980's and 80's poster art itself but also create something elegant, statuesque and upon closer look...grotesque. Those that have seen the film can probably understand what the relevance of this piece is to the film and what it suggests both on the surface and beneath the surface. For those who have not seen the should do so. It’s a trip.”

Society by Matt Ryan Tobin is a 24”x36” hand numbered 6 color screen print. The Beach Edition is limited to 125 pieces and retails for $65, while the Party Edition is limited to 75 pieces and retails for $85. Both versions are available now at the Mad Duck Posters online store.
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