Thursday, December 7, 2017

Star Wars: A New Hope Screen Print by Matt Taylor x Bottleneck Gallery

Star Wars: A New Hope Screen Prints by Matt Taylor x Bottleneck Gallery

Over the past month Bottleneck Gallery has been teasing a new Star Wars poster by Matt Taylor, and here it is!!! Produced in collaboration with Acme Archives and Lucasfilm, check out this gorgeous Star Wars: A New Hope screen print by Matt Taylor. Has Episode IV ever looked this good!?!? This could easily have been an official one sheet movie poster for the iconic film. As BNG explained, “Matt’s compositions and coloring are always sublime, and his take on Star Wars truly gives off a classic feel, while uniquely emphasizing aspects of the classic story, such as Darth Vader’s looming presence and grip on all of these characters’ lives.”

Star Wars: A New Hope Regular Timed Edition Screen Print by Matt Taylor x Bottleneck Gallery

Matt Taylor has released a few Star Wars prints over the past few years, but this may be his best! Taylor went on to say “Star Wars has a very special place in my heart - it’s the first movie I remember seeing in the cinema, and the toys were a mainstay of my childhood. Going to see Star Wars movies on opening day with my dad has become a staple of my moviegoing life, so when asked if I wanted to take a swing at a New Hope poster, I was never going to say no. I tried to go as classic as I could in terms of composition and style and my determination to make this look as good as I could. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I hope people out there feel the same. I suppose I’d better get thinking about Empire now…”


Star Wars: A New Hope is a 24”x36” hand numbered screen print. The Regular Edition ($50) features metallic inks, and is a timed edition meaning its run size will be determined by the number of posters sold between now and 11:59pm EST on Sunday, December 10th, at the Bottleneck Gallery online store. There’s also a really striking Variant Edition, which is limited to 200 pieces and retails for $65.
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