Thursday, March 22, 2018

DC Comics’ Shazam Teaser Movie Poster

DC Comics’ Shazam Teaser One Sheet Movie Poster

So Warner Bros and DC Comics just released the very first teaser one sheet movie poster for their upcoming live action Captain Marvel film, Shazam! And I have to ask, is anyone actually excited for this film? I like Zachary Levi, and I loved him in Chuck, but is he really the right person to play Captain Marvel Shazam? I’ve seen the leaked on-set photos and his costume is just ridiculous. It’s so padded and still only makes him look half as big as the Big Red Cheese is depicted in Fawcett and DC comic books. I’ll still see the film, but I’m setting my expectations super low for this one. Rumor is The Rock’s Black Adam either isn’t even in the film or is going to have a very small roll. How is that possible!?!
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