Friday, November 2, 2018

A Quiet Place Screen Print by Matt Ryan Tobin x Mondo

A Quiet Place Regular Edition Screen Print by Matt Ryan Tobin x Mondo

Oh wow, later today Mondo will be releasing this beautiful new poster for John Krasinski’s popular horror film, A Quiet Place, by super talented artist Matt Ryan Tobin! Directed by and starring Krasinski, the film follows a family of four who must quietly survive in a world in which monstrous creatures hunt by sound. It often reaches Hitchcock levels of tension and is bolstered by a strong concept that is exceptionally executed. As Mondo explained, “Matt Ryan Tobin did a great job capturing that tension, focusing on the Abbotts’ farm and their string of red lights, likely used as a form of silent distress signal.”

A Quiet Place Red Glow in the Dark Variant Screen Print by Matt Ryan Tobin x Mondo

A Quiet Place by Matt Ryan Tobin is a 36”x24” hand numbered screen print. The Regular Edition is limited to 275 pieces and retails for $50, while the Glow in the Dark Variant is limited to 125 pieces and retails for $75. The GID Variant features a red glow-in-the-dark layer, so you’re safe even when the lights go out. Both versions of this epic movie poster go on sale at a random time today, Friday, November 2nd, at the Mondo online store.
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