Monday, December 17, 2018

Sam Fout x Argonaut Resins’ Bone Ghost Agents Return!

Bone Ghost Agent 001 & 002 Resin Figures by Sam Fout x Argonaut Resins

The Blot was pumped to learn Sam Fout and Argonaut Resins were teaming up once again to release a blast from the past – a very limited return of their previously sold out Bone Ghost Agent resin figures! Check out the return of Agent 001 and Agent 002, which were created, designed and hand painted by Sam Fout and sculpted, molded and cast by END of Argonaut Resins.

Agent 001 is red and comes equipped with his standard pistol, while Agent 002 is turquoise and comes armed with a tricked out heavy firepower machine gun. Each figure will come signed and numbered on their bottoms by artist Sam Fout. Both versions will go on sale at 9pm EST today, Monday, December 17th, at the Argonaut Resins online store for $125.
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