Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Looney Tunes Giclee Prints by Ian Glaubinger, Dan Mumford & Bottleneck Gallery

Looney Tunes “Where's the Kaboom?!” Giclee Print by Dan Mumford x Bottleneck Gallery

Today Bottleneck Gallery celebrates all things Looney Tunes with two awesome new giclee prints by artists Dan Mumford and Ian Glaubinger. Mumford’s print depicts everyone’s favorite Looney Tunes alien, Marvin the Martian! As BNG explained, “Dan’s colors are always out of this world, so what better artist to tackle the iconic Martian?”

Looney Tunes “Rabbit Fire” Giclee Print by Ian Glaubinger x Bottleneck Gallery

Ian Glaubinger’s newest print is for one of the most memorable Looney Tunes episodes, Rabbit Fire, and features Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck’s classic conundrum – Duck Season or Rabbit Season? BNG stated, “Ian’s a pro at cartoon expressions, and we’re proud he’s able to add to the Looney legacy with this officially licensed print.”

Looney Tunes “Where's the Kaboom?!” Variant Giclee Print by Dan Mumford x Bottleneck Gallery

Both Looney Tunes giclee prints seen here will go on sale at 12pm EDT today, Tuesday, May 14th, at Bottleneckgallery.com. “Rabbit Fire” ($40) by Ian Glaubinger is a 16”x20” hand numbered giclee print limited to just 75 pieces. “Where's the Kaboom?!” by Dan Mumford is a 24”x18” hand numbered giclee print. The Regular Edition is limited to 75 pieces and will retail for $45, while the Variant is limited to just 25 pieces and will retail for $55.
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