Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Kong: Skull Island Screen Print by William Stout x Bottleneck Gallery

Kong Skull Island Movie Poster Screen Print by William Stout x Bottleneck Gallery

Bottleneck Gallery teamed up with Justin Ishmael to release William Stout’s officially licensed screen print for Jordan Vogt Roberts’ monster masher, Kong: Skull Island. As BNG explained, “Whether it’s happening in Tokyo, San Francisco, or even on Skull Island, one of the greatest things in life is giant monsters fighting each other! And one of the only ways to make giant prehistoric beasts fighting even better is if it’s drawn by the legendary William Stout!”

Kong: Skull Island by William Stout is a 16”x24” hand numbered screen print. The Regular Edition features 14 colors, is limited to 150 pieces and retails for $50, while the Variant features 8 colors, is limited to 75 pieces and retails for $60. Both colorways are available for purchase now at
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