Thursday, January 23, 2020

LOST “The Island National Park” Charity Print by Mark Englert x Bottleneck Gallery

LOST “The Island National Park” Screen Print by Mark Englert x Bottleneck Gallery

Bottleneck Gallery has released the newest entry in artist Mark Englert’s Pop Culture Landmark Series with a design inspired by the landmark television series LOST! As BNG explained, “Mark's taken inspiration from the show and created a brilliant tongue-in-cheek travel poster for the show that's bound to make fans of the show excited.” The Blot’s a sucker for any new LOST artwork, and I absolutely love what Mark has done with this poster!

LOST “The Island National Park” Charity Variant Timed Edition Print by Mark Englert x Bottleneck Gallery

Englert has also created a smaller charity variant of the print in order to help the current relief efforts in Australia. The New South Wales area of Australia has been dealing with absolutely devastating bush fires, which have, among other terrible statistics, killed 480 million animals. Brave firefighters and civilians have been battling the situation, and Bottleneck Gallery would like to contribute monetary help. 100% of the profits from the Charity Print Edition of this LOST print and a portion of profits from the limited edition screen prints will benefit the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, which is a wildlife park that helps ensure the safety and care of an immense multitude of animals in the Kangaroo Island area of Australia.

“The Island National Park” by Mark Englert is an 18”x24” hand numbered LOST screen print. The Regular Edition is limited to 300 pieces and retails for $50, while the Variant is limited to 150 pieces and retails for $60. Collectors can purchase a complete set of these two prints for $130. The Charity Variant Edition is an 11”x14” hand numbered timed edition giclee. It is available now through 12pm EST on Friday, January 24th, and retails for just $25 at
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