Monday, March 23, 2020

G.I. Joe Scarlett & The Baroness Blue Edition Bishoujo Statues by Kotobukiya

G.I. Joe Scarlett Aerial Assault Sky Blue Edition & The Baroness 25th Anniversary Blue Edition Bishoujo Statues by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya continues its beautiful line of G.I. Joe Bishoujo 1/7 Scale Statues with two new blue variants! The Scarlett Sky Blue Edition Bishoujo is based on the 2008 Aerial Assault Scarlett action figure. The statue’s base and suit are a refreshing sky blue, and a conspicuous silver lining adorns her body suit. Her white fitted gloves and boots also perfectly compliment her suit.

COBRA’s evil super spy, The Baroness, is available in a G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Blue Edition. This statue is based on the 25th Anniversary Baroness action figure, which was released in 2008. Her ultramarine blue and neon green coloration is perfect for night missions. Her submachine gun comes in a gunmetal color and can be displayed with all of the previously released Baroness Bishoujo statues as well!

What’s really cool about these two blue variants is that their bases have been designed with a similar scenery/concept to ensure the two figures would look great displayed together. Fans can pre-order both of these G.I. Joe Blue Variant Bishoujo 1/7 Scale Statues now at Entertainment Earth for $114.99 each here.
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