Monday, September 28, 2020

Phantom Starkiller NYCC 2013 Reissue Resin Figure by Killer Bootlegs

Phantom Starkiller New York Comic Con 2013 Reissue Resin Figure by Killer Bootlegs

Last weekend, Killer Bootlegs continued to revisit different past colorways of his classic creation – the OG Phantom Starkiller bootleg resin figure! One of the most influential handmade bootleg action figures ever released, this Phantom Starkiller 2013 v1.5 is also one of the rarest colorways ever to be released.  This grey, turquoise and pink colorway is based on the iconic New York Comic Con 2013 edition, which has been locked in the Killer Bootlegs vault for 8 years.

The Phantom Starkiller 2013 NYCC Reissue Resin Figure by Killer Bootlegs stands 3.75” tall and comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. What’s really cool about this figure is that it features the same price as the original release way back in 2013 althogh with a slightly bigger edition size. This special NYCC 2013 Reissue is limited to just 25 pieces and retailed for $100 at As you can imagine, this figure sold out immediately upon release.

For the hardcore Phantom Starkiller collectors wondering exactly how the 2020 version can be differentiated from the actual original 2013 version in order to tell the two apart down the line. Killer Bootlegs made sure to make slight alterations to the sculpt, and the cardback has been made denoting it as a “re-issue”.

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