Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Phantom Starkiller Vinyl MaBa Marbled GID Edition by Killer Bootlegs – A Scout Comics Exclusive!

Scout Comics Exclusive Phantom Starkiller Vinyl MaBa Marbled Glow in the Dark Edition by Killer Bootlegs x Squibbles Ink

Publisher Scout Comics has just released the first issue of the new Phantom Starkiller comic book series by writer Peter Goral (aka Killer Bootlegs) and artist Joseph Schmalke.  To commemorate the release of Phantom Starkiller #1, Scout Comics has also dropped this retailer exclusive Marbled Glow in the Dark Phantom Starkiller Vinyl MaBa soft vinyl figure.

Produced by Squibbles Ink, the Marbled GID Edition Phantom Starkiller Vinyl MaBa by Killer Bootlegs stands 3” tall, features the 3 colors of soft vinyl swirled together, and comes packaged in a collectible screen printed bag with art by Joseph Schmalke.  Limited to just 100 figures, this figure can be purchased now at for $39.99.

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